What is Devland?

Devland is a venture studio focused on powering innovation, brilliant technologists and impactful ideas. Our team guides select companies through our venture-design process to crystallize and implement new technologies within their products and user experiences.

While technology can be seen as a broad word we focus on tech for creatives, food technology, content and information discovery, communities (cross-border), Zero-Retail™ CPG brands, and business model redefinition.

Founder’s Kit Program 

A 10-12 week product and design focused program for founders to validate their business and produce impactful solutions.

Applications Open May 1st, 2019

Founder’s Kit Design Workbook is now on Amazon

Our design workbook helps founders and product creators practice the process of evaluations and research for every idea. Converting ideas fluidly into product concepts.

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Venture Studio

Pushing the boundaries of trends through conceptualizing new products in a rapid progression. Connecting experienced operators in residence with startups to improve process, actualize milestones, and mold strategy.

Our Team

Miles Dotson, Partner [LinkedIn]

Bianca St Louis, Partner [LinkedIn]

Devon Fanfair, Partner [LinkedIn]